Reeves: “It’s time to break the gridlock and end the stranglehold of special interests in Washington, DC — to put people first.”

Today, Democrat Kristine Reeves launched her campaign for Washington’s 10th Congressional District. Reeves, a working mom with two young kids, is a Moses Lake native who grew up in and out of the foster care system, even facing homelessness at points during her childhood.   With the help of grants and scholarships, Reeves was the first in her family to graduate from college. She went on to help veterans and military families, defeat a Republican incumbent in the Washington State Legislature, and achieve progressive priorities for working families that set a national model.

Reeves said: “As someone who grew up in and out of foster care and was even homeless at 16, I know what it’s like when the deck is stacked against you. But I also know what can happen when communities come together.   I’m proud to have fought for progressive action that’s made Washington a national model on education and paid family leave.  But too many Washington families are still struggling while critical progressive policies are falling victim to corporate special interests and gridlock in Washington, DC.”

“I’m a working mom with two young kids, who has tried to take on politics as usual, to invest in education and make life a little easier for middle class families.  I’m running for Congress because it’s time to break the gridlock and end the stranglehold of special interests in Washington, DC — to put people first.”

Reeves launched her campaign with a social media video, which can be seen here: 

About Kristine:

A Moses Lake native, Kristine grew up the daughter of a single mother who struggled with substance abuse and relied heavily on social services including Head Start and food stamps.  In and out of foster care and even homeless at points in her childhood, Kristine’s journey to elected state representative, a Director of Economic Development in the state Commerce Department, and happily married mother of two children is a testimony to the value of public education and the critical investment of public-school educators in transforming her life and helping her break the cycle of poverty.

The first in her family to graduate from college, Kristine received her bachelor’s degree in from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and a master’s degree from Gonzaga University.  (Go Zags!).  Kristine then served as an immigration advisor at several higher education institutions and as South Sound Regional Director and then Statewide Veterans Representative for U.S. Senator Patty Murray.

In 2016, Kristine defeated a Republican incumbent for Washington’s 30th Legislative district, becoming the first African-American woman elected to the Washington House in 18 years and the only woman in the legislature with children under the age of 5. Kristine’s hard work in the Washington House resulted in multiple achievements that have provided a national model for progressive action including ensuring educators can afford to live and work in the communities in which they teach our kids, launching a program to link students with apprenticeships and on the job training, passing the country’s most progressive paid family leave policy, and more. In December 2019, Kristine stepped down from her state legislative seat to run for Congress.

Kristine, a working mom who understands the balance between working hard to succeed and raising a family, is the Director of Economic Development for the Military and Defense sector for the state of Washington. She lives with her husband Camron and two small children in Federal Way.

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